High Tech Spreader & Fertiliser Test Facility

Kverneland Group invests in Spreader Competence Centre 

Kverneland Group is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders. This unique position has been established by a long tradition in fertiliser spreading and by developing high quality accurate spreaders over many decades. To ensure this high level of quality and accuracy, Kverneland Group is continuously investing in Research, Competence and Knowledge.

Kverneland Group has recently opened a brand new Spreader & Test facility in The Netherlands. The new Spreader Competence Centre is located within the Crop Care production plant in Nieuw-Vennep and is located next to the Crop Care Research & Development department which ensures close cooperation between the designers and machine testing.

The new ultra-modern Test Facility accommodates a high tech testing system for producing accurate spreading charts for Kverneland and Vicon spreaders. The Test Facility is unique in the market due to its highly advanced 3D test system and software package, which checks the results of many fertilisers in combination with the spreaders. It also facilitates a more environmentally friendly testing procedure with a focus on saving fertiliser, energy and fuel. The new Spreader & Fertiliser Test Facility enables Kverneland Group to further expand with new developments and have the ability to test and analyse the effects of new features on the spreading pattern in a quick and efficient way.

The new spreader & fertiliser test track consists of a robot with 3-point linkage, which can turn the spreader 280 degrees and spread the fertiliser into a maximum of 80 catchment hoppers. Each of the hoppers is connected to a 5 kg weigh cell which individually weighs the fertiliser within the hopper. The spreading pattern is determined by using the data collected from the weigh cells which is analysed with a special 3D software package from the control room. Emptying the catchment hoppers runs fully automatically. The fertiliser that is lying on the test hall floor is swept to a central auger which transports the used fertiliser to a separate storage area.